sâmbătă, 11 septembrie 2010


Message for the Hearts of Sand

Writing this post has crossed my mind when I've discovered that some people have turned money making into a hobby. Having money is really not a bad thing at all, but the way people spend it, now that's a problem!

Every now and then I hear people talking about recession, poverty and third world expansion. In fact, billions are spent by third world belongers just to sustain life - they buy food, cheap clothes and medicine. Money has come to rule their very existence; if they don't have money, they die. Talking about clothes: how many African villages would a Versace dress feed? How much medicine could a Loius Vuitton bag buy for children with leukemia? Or would Paul Smith be willing to buy books for children in Asian villages?

If there is no P.R. affiliated to their "welfare", then no! There will be no welfare. Children starve, remain uneducated, fight diseases and eventually die.  I sometimes think that being a billionaire is not the most important thing. You become a corporation and lose your humanity. Your brain is money, your heart is P.R. and your faith is profit.

I'm not a communist; I'm not saying that everyone should have equal money. I promote self affirmation and individuality.


I strongly believe that, instead of going to a village with a sack of flour or rice and take some journalists to write about your "good deed", as a politician you could give those people the means to produce their own supplies
I wish I could see and artist preoccupied with funding schools instead of going to Africa and sharing their CDs to children while enjoying a Safari ride
I still hope there are churches who really support sinisters whether they are believers or not instead of giving second hand clothes to poor people to convert
I encourage scientific progress, yet I can't understand why we are continuously making bombs to protect the planet

... And yes, I know I'm a dreamer and those things will never really exist...
Wait a minute: don't dreams come true if you believe in them? Don't they become real if you pursue them?
My dream is too big; it involves you as well, so help me! Make it OUR reality.