vineri, 13 august 2010

Open Letter

In Attn.:
Chronos, C.E.O. of Universal Time
Destiny, Project Manager of Universal Ordinate Chaos

Dear fellow governors of my life,

I am very happy with your collaboration, which lead me here and now. Had you not worked out a favorable situation, I would have never had the chance to see daylight. I am totally overwhelmed by the abundance of resources and opportunities you have provided for me.

However, there are a few requirements I dare of you:

There have been quite a few days since you and Madam Destiny have prevented me from taking any short breaks to see the sun; I would like to thank you for keeping me safe from radiations. Then again, my social life has registered a huge decrease of intensity from very active to merely inexistent.
I lay my trust in you ..well.. at least most of the times, so I strongly believe this is for my own good.
I also hope that you appreciate my patience and acceptance of Universal kicks in the bottom.

So, dear Chronos, could you please take Einstein's theory for granted and make time a little more relative... towards expanded? There are so many things your complice Destiny has provided for me and I would like to take my time for all of them, including sleeping more than 2 hours per night, enjoying my meals instead of eating them in a hurry, raising my social activity level and being highly efficient at work.
And, dear Destiny, could you please keep in mind that time is my healer and also my killer?
I am sure we can work this out!

Sincerely and inevitably yours,
The Little Stressed Somalian